Guide of table grapes

As the first book to describe the main varieties of vines present in Québec, this guide is structured with practical and richly illustrated fact sheets.

In addition, the reader is provided with a framework of morphological observation and description, which allows the identification of major grape vine varieties that are cultivated in Québec throughout the growing season.

This guide will also assist the beginner, as well as the experienced winemaker, in making choice of varieties depending on cultivation and organoleptic criteria. Finally, whether it is to know the origin and the susceptibility to diseases and pests of some grapevine varieties, or to stimulate further thoughts on the grape growing practices adapted to the different grape varieties, this book can provide answers to commercial winegrowers, consultants, nursery workers, as well as amateur winegrowers.

This guide simply offers the opportunity to discover more about the different wine varieties grown in Québec. 

Enjoy your reading!

Guide de raisins de table

On sale from spring 2021!
French version only