A big Thank you to our reviewers who have run through the vineyards in order to confirm the information in this guide

  • Alain Breault, nurseryman and winegrower
  • Annie Lefebvre, plant pathology technician, CRDH
  • Gilles Benoit, winegrower and winemaker
  • Ginette Laplante, agri-food technologist
  • Jean-François Péloquin, agronomist
  • Larbi Zerouala, agronomist, MAPAQ
  • Simon Naud, winemaker
  • Stefano Campagnaro, ecology technician, CRAM

A special thank to winemakers and wine experts for their contribution

  • David Cottineau, winemaker
  • Jérémie d’Hauteville, oenologist, agronomist, OenoQuébec
  • Richard Bastien, oenologist, OenoQuébec

Thank to photographers!

  • Gaëlle Dubé
  • Geneviève Legault
  • Isabelle Turcotte
  • Jean-François Péloquin
  • Pierre Cadoret
  • Richard Grenier
  • Stefano Campagnaro
  • Stéphan Paquet

Without them, the English translation would not have been possible

  • K. Helen Fisher, Ph.D.
  • Lilly Boulianne

Thank you to producer associations that have supported our project

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