A big Thank you to our reviewers who have confirmed the information in the Wine Grapes book

  • Alain Breault, nurseryman and winegrower
  • Annie Lefebvre, plant pathology technician, CRDH
  • Gilles Benoit, winegrower and winemaker
  • Ginette Laplante, agri-food technologist
  • Jean-François Péloquin, agronomist
  • Larbi Zerouala, agronomist, MAPAQ
  • Simon Naud, winemaker
  • Stefano Campagnaro, ecology technician, CRAM

A special thank to winemakers and wine experts for their contribution

  • David Cottineau, winemaker
  • Jérémie d’Hauteville, oenologist, agronomist, OenoQuébec
  • Richard Bastien, oenologist, OenoQuébec

Thank to photographers!

  • Gaëlle Dubé
  • Geneviève Legault
  • Isabelle Turcotte
  • Jean-François Péloquin
  • Pierre Cadoret
  • Richard Grenier
  • Stefano Campagnaro
  • Stéphan Paquet

Without them, the English translation would not have been possible

  • K. Helen Fisher, Ph.D.
  • Lilly Boulianne

Thank you to producer associations that have supported our project

A big Thank you to our reviewers who have confirmed the information of the Table Grapes book

  • Anne Loiselle, urban grapegrower
  • Anouk De Coninck, agronomist
  • Caroline Gaudreau, urban grapegrower
  • Caroline Provost, Ph.D., director of CRAM
  • Claude Gélineau, teacher at ITA
  • Isabelle Turcotte, agronomist
  • Jean-François Chaussé, grapegrower
  • Jenny Leblanc, agronomist, MAPAQ
  • Miryam Proulx, marketing consultant

A special thank for their contribution

  • Axel Torres (illustrations)
  • Claude Gélineau (datas)
  • Étienne Gosselin (datas)
  • Isabelle Turcotte, agronome (photos et datas)
  • Joëlle Ouellet, agronome (datas)
  • Josée Arsenault (picture)
  • Mario Belzile (datas)
  • Martin Dandenault (datas)
  • Stéphane Lamarre (datas)
  • Richard Grenier (pictures)
  • Robert Boivert (graphics)
  • Tetiana Korablova (infographics)

The French version of this project was made possible with the financial assistance of: Ministère de l’Agriculture, des Pêcheries et de l’Alimentation du Québec

This project is funded through the Sector Development Program under the Canadian Partnership for Agriculture, an agreement between the governments of Canada and Quebec.

The French version of Identification Guide of Grapevine Grown in a Cold Climate and 19 raisins de table – Identification et culture were sponsored by Centre de recherche agroalimentaire de Mirabel (CRAM)